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Cody Alexander Curtis

Males and Females 20's

Project name: SUITCASES
Project type: Short Film
Logline: A couple decides to end their relationship in an unusual manner, after a bachelor party and a visit to a best friend.
-Unpaid & Non-Union
-Cast & Crew will be fed and have refreshment on set
-We are planning to do a two day shoot in January (Three days max if we need to)
-Locations – TBD
Writer/Director/Role of Thomas – Cody Alexander Curtis
1st Assistant Director – Stephen Bennett
Director of Photography – Bodhi Ouellette
This script does contain scenes of an intimate nature, such as kissing, hugging, handholding, being together in bed (non-sexual and no nudity), along with very intimate argumentative scenes.
Actors must be comfortable with this kind of material, because it is a major part of the story.
LILIAN – LEAD (Mid Early – Late 20’s) – A young passionate woman in a loving relationship, whose world comes crumbling down when she suspects her significant other of cheating on her, while at his friend’s bachelor party. Lilian is strong willed, sarcastic and will not take anything for anybody.
JAZELLE – SUPPORTING (Early-Mid 20’s) – A very promiscuous young woman, with a lot of heart. She is not afraid to get what she wants, even if that means attempting to go after another woman’s boyfriend. She is the major driving force of conflict for Tom when it comes to his relationship with Lilian.
WAYNE – SUPPORTING (Early-Mid 20’s) – A young man who is head over heels in love with Lilian (To an uncomfortable degree). He has good looks, but no personality whatsoever besides creep. He is also the brother of Rachel, who is Lilian’s best friend.

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