• Short Film
  • Norwich, Ct
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Brian Kuenn

Males and Females 20-40's

LOGLINE: A morally corrupt vigilante attempts to recruit an idealistic detective into fighting crime a different way.
SYNOPSIS: The Gargoyle, a masked vigilante, prowls the streets of the city beating on criminals to near death, before leaving the police with half conscious henchmen who can barely talk, let alone give information. He communes with a detective, Dave Uncas, about how best to stop the growing crime ring within their city. Uncas initially rejects Gargoyle’s vision and vows to fight crime within the Law, until a life threatening run-in with the local mob changes his mind, leading him to embrace the darker path that the “superhero” suggested.
SHOOT DATES: TBD (between April 1st and 29th)
Food and drink will be provided on set each day of shooting
(We are leaving payment for cast as TBD for now. No promises but if we reach our goal in our GoFundMe, we would heavily consider paying cast)
-Pick a 1 minute scene from a crime thriller of your choice and record a video of you performing the scene as one of the characters
-Slate with name, height, and the name of the film your chosen scene is from
Character Breakdowns:
(Male / Caucasian / 20-30 yrs old)
A brooding, principled crime fighter. Seeks to achieve his goals at any cost. Sees the world in black and white; good and evil. No nuance, no compromise. Believes the ends always justify the means. Skilled fighter and very physically imposing.
(Male / Any race or ethnicity / 25-35 yrs old)
An idealistic, optimistic young detective. An overachiever in a position he’s too young for. Believes the Law is always the answer to all problems. Smug and snarky. Wants to do what’s best; ends do NOT always justify the means.
(Male / Any race or ethnicity / 20-30 yrs old)
Gang-banger type. Street smart; chip on his shoulder. Spastic and paranoid. He’s argumentative and defensive. Thinks he’s doing nothing wrong as long as he’s not physically hurting anyone.
(Male / Any race or ethnicity / 20-30 yrs old)
Typical henchman type. Crafty and no-nonsense. Not afraid of some masked “superhero.” Confrontational.
(Male / Any race or ethnicity / 20-30 yrs old)
Also a typical henchman type. More reserved and hesitant. Skeptical, doesn’t believe Gargoyle even exists.
(Male / Any race or ethnicity / 25-35 yrs old)
Friend and partner to Uncas. Went through the whole academy with him. Greener and less clever than Uncas, but wholly good and helpful.
(Male / Any race or ethnicity / 25-35 yrs old)
High ranking henchman. Cunning and extremely street smart. Reads people well. Very experienced in criminal activity. Morally bankrupt.
(Male / Any race or ethnicity / 25-35 yrs old)
Sidekick henchman. Smart but not too smart. Assists Nick on everything.
(Male / Any race or ethnicity / 30-40 yrs old)
Classic muscle henchman type. All brawn, no brains. Physically imposing. Overly nonchalant. Thinks everything can be solved by throwing the first punch.

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