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Rachel Wolf

Females 20-40's

Theres Something About Jessica Short Film - CallBoard
Casting for my first short film “There’s Something About Jessica”, a story about a teenage girl named Jessica (who will be played by me), who’s dealing with unresolved trauma in a therapist’s office. **WARNING** This film touches on molestation, so if you’re not comfortable with that, then please don’t submit!
This will be a very low-budget and non-union project, and my main reason for creating this is to use the footage for my demo reel.
I plan on having this all shot in one day in east central Minnesota. Rehearsals will take place over Zoom, with an exception of one day of rehearsals taking place at the location of the shot.
Casting for the roles of:
Mother/Mrs. Jones – a white woman around her mid-thirties. Must be able to portray a stressed mother.
Mary/the therapist – a woman of any ethnicity, and she is somewhere between the ages of ’20s-’40s.

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