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Bruce Barnes

various roles

Lets Collab
Im Looking to CREW and CAST up for a Short Student film to be shot between East and South Bay , Possibly Oakland and San Jose.
This film will be submitted to Film festivals and pitched as a Pilot . All Crew and Cast will receive full IMDB credits
Looking For Crew In ALL Positions
Genre: A Psychedelic Thriller
When a Man comes to self Battle with what’s not known to be Schizophrenia or Being Possessed How Does he overcome and face the reaility of what is and what he has Done ?
Angel: Any Ethnicity, ( Think Jessica Rabbit Meets Harley Quinn) Age 20-30
Chris: Black Male Mid 20s to 30s
Detective Davis: Any Race: Age Late 20s- 40s
Co- worker : Male Any Ethnicity Age 20’s – 30s
Manager: Any Ethnicity Any Sex, Age 30 and up
Bartenteder: Any Ethnicity , Age 40 and up
Scoop( The MAn) Any Ethnicity, Male , Age 20’s
This will be a great oppurtunity to get some experience
I would like to Shoot this Between Nov and Dec
Best of luck to everyone on the submissions , looking to collab with some great film makers on these Projects

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