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Silver Spring Stage is holding auditions for Back of the Throat by Yussef El Guindi, directed by Nicholas Michael Bashour and produced by Jackie Williams. Auditions will be held at Silver Spring Stage (10145 Colesville Rd, Silver Spring, MD) Tuesday, December 7 and Wednesday, December 8 7pm-10pm, with callbacks, if needed, Monday, December 13 7pm-10pm. Video Auditions are also accepted but please note callbacks will be in-person. Please submit video auditions by Wednesday, December 8 at 10pm. All roles are open and unpaid.
Seeking a diverse cast of 5-7 actors (see character descriptions below). Please prepare any 30 sec to 1 minute monologue that you feel best represents your abilities to portray a complex character in a combination dark comedy/drama. You will be asked to note your conflicts for the rehearsal process and run of the show.Back of the Throat will start rehearsals in early January and continue through early March. The show will run for 4 weekends from March 11-April 2, 2022. Performances will be Friday and Saturday nights at 8:00 pm along with 2:00 pm matinees on Sundays.
Rehearsals will be 3-4 times a week, mostly weeknights and some occasional weekends, depending on cast availability.
The audition and rehearsal spaces will be safe and welcoming to individuals of all backgrounds, races, ethnicities, genders and gender identities, and sexual orientations. The physical and psychological safety of the actors and production team are a top priority. A coordinator outside the production team will be made available to ensure any issues that may arise, should they arise, will be addressed promptly and with great care and respect.
In this darkly comedic and politically charged play, the audience is invited to examine the balance between freedom and fear, and to question what they would be willing to sacrifice in exchange for feeling safe. With equal doses of intellect and humor, Back of the Throat devolves from a seemingly friendly visit by two government officials into an out-and-out inquisition. The story takes place in the home of Khaled, an Arab-American writer who is being accused of possible ties to terrorists. As the probe continues, and the officials reveal their “evidence,” – including testimonies from witnesses we encounter through flashbacks – are we being shown the truth? Or, rather, are we left with a different appreciation of what euphemisms like “person of interest” seek to obscure? Filtered through the lens of the Arab-American experience, Back of the Throat leaves the audience to question what it really means to be an American.
Actors who have access to New Play Exchange can download the script from the website.
Content rating: If this were a movie, it would be rated R.
Character Breakdown–
Khaled (he/him) – 30s, Arab-American, writer, “person of interest,” generally mild-mannered, his guilt or innocence are undetermined
Bartlett (he/him) – late 30s-40s, Any race/ethnicity American, “government official” investigating Khaled, trades off good cop/bad cop routine with Carl, a classic racial profiler
Carl (he/him) – late 30s-40s, Any race/ethnicity American, “government official” investigating Khaled, trades off good cop/bad cop routine with Bartlett, spent some time in the middle east back in the day, possibly former military
Asfoor (he/him) – 20s-30s, Arab, memories of a now-dead terrorist
Shelly (she/her) – 40s or older, Any race/ethnicity American, Librarian who interacts with Asfoor, interviewed by Bartlett and Carl
Beth (she/her) – 30s, Any race/ethnicity American, Khaled’s ex-girlfriend, interviewed by Bartlett and Carl, a reason Khaled became a “person of interest,” but, as she claims, “this isn’t about revenge”
Jean (she/her) – 20s-30s, Any race/ethnicity American, “Dancer Extraordinaire and Stripper Artiste”, as she calls herself, gives Khaled a lap dance, interviewed by Bartlett and Carl
Note: the characters of Shelly, Beth, and Jean may be played by one actor, or cast separately.
Physical considerations for the actors: simulated physical violence (fight choreographer will manage and supervise), implied nudity (no actual nudity will be requested or required), simulated physical intimacy/lap dance (an intimacy choreographer will choreograph and supervise).
Psychological considerations for the actors: While this is a dark comedy, the subject matter involves heavy and real issues of racism, racial profiling and prejudice, violence, and terrorism. All actors and members of the production team will have access to resources to help them manage any psychological implications of portraying these characters and working on this production. This process will be managed by a coordinator outside the production team.
COVID Safety Precautions and Expectations–
Vaccination Required: Before entering Silver Spring Stage for the first time, everyone is required to present proof of vaccination for COVID-19.
Masking: Masks are required to be worn when not performing your audition.
Screening: Everyone at auditions is required to complete a screening within 24 hours of attending. The form is located HERE.
Note for clarity: At present, proof of vaccination and masks are required for all who enter our building, including artists, staff, volunteers, and patrons.

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