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Yvette Holder

Males and Females 18+

Casting is still open for some roles in the Sips & Scripts New Works Festival!
STILL SEEKING the following roles:
HAIKU by Judy Dove
In 1945, Tokyo was subjected to a catastrophic firebombing. This is the fictional story of Mizuki, a survivor who became a War Bride and came to America in the early 1950s, and her grown children who uncover their mother’s life in a series of haiku that she wrote post WWII.
RALPH IGELMANN/SHADOW ENSEMBLE: male, U.S. Army Corporal, up for a good time without thinking of consequences, a sweet talker. Shorter than MICHAEL. (Name is pronounced “eagle-man”.)
MICHAEL WHITE: male, U.S. Army Sergeant, the stereotypical “tall White handsome American male”. Kind and sensitive.
SUSIE: MICHAEL and MIZUKI’s daughter, early-to-mid 60s; half-Japanese ancestry.
NICE WHITE PARENTS 2016 by Tamara Kissane
Second graders initiate a Black Lives Matter march around the elementary school. How will their parents react? Inspired by real events, NICE WHITE PARENTS 2016 is a time capsule-dreammare-cautionary tale that pokes at impact vs. intention, and considers what we lose and who we hurt when White parents hide behind the easy identity of ‘nice’.
TREVOR CAMPBELL: A Black man, parent of TJ and Jerrod, students at Main West, married to Lorraine Campbell
LAVENDER: Second grade teacher at Main West, her race is not specified, but she is not White
Please submit a Headshot/Resume, info about what projects/characters you are interested in, and a link to your audition video. Actors must be ready to rehearse immediately. Rehearsals will primarily be virtual and there are expected to be around 5 sessions. No cash compensation, actors will receive a free 1-yr membership to CATG if not already a member.
Your video submission can be something previously recorded that you already have published on a 3rd party video site like Youtube or Vimeo, or to create something for this audition specifically, please record a 1 minute cut of a monologue and upload it to a 3rd party site and submit link.

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