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  • Raleigh, NC
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Seth Spencer

Males and Females 14-60

CASTING CALL: “Slim Chance”
This is an unpaid project to be filmed in the Raleigh Area.
Parts Needed:
Jonathan- 14-18 FIRM Jonathan is a regular kind of guy, but he isn’t too good with the ladies. But when he sees Rachel, all of that slowly disappears.
Marc- 14-18 Down to earth, calm, cool, and collected. Friend of Jonathan’s who tries to steer him in the right direction.
Sarah- 14-18 Rachel’s good friend. Like Marc, only more free spirited.
Scott- 14-18 Any ethnicity Free spirited and a wiseguy. Friend of Jonathan’s who is constantly trying to get Jonathan and Rachel together.
Marcy- 14-18 African American Free spirited. Another of Rachel’s good friends.
Brisco- 50-60 Any ethnicity Main antagonist, tries to show he knows his craft, but in reality, he is not very good at it.
Jersey- 25-35 Any ethnicity Jersey wants to get things done, but like Brisco, she is not very intelligent. She is another one of the antagonists.
Reese- 35-45 Any ethnicity He will do what he needs to do but is subservient to Brisco.
Brian 14-18 Any ethnicity Keeps to himself, very introverted.
Richard- 40-50 Caucasian Jonathan’s father, a police officer. Strict and to the point.
Mr. Collins- 35-45 African American A suave dashing black man who is Jonathan’s Biology teacher. Strict, but also has a soft side.
Mr. Perkins- 50-60 Any ethnicity High-strung and very strict principal of Jonathan’s school.

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