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Jordan Black

various roles

Good morning!
We have a social media app we are filming a commercial for.
We have a total of 8 character roles we are casting for.
  1. Vivi (20’s) – A fun and vibrant spirit. She is a full time YouTuber who would commonly have colorful hair and a happy personality.
  2. Collin (20’s) – Collin is Vivi’s best friend. He is usually hanging out with her as a tag team duo. Collin is the calming spirit to Vivi’s outgoing nature.
  3. Mark (30’s) – Mark is the boyfriend of Kim. He’s logical, witty and enjoys smooth and chill vibes.
  4. Kim (30’s) – Kim is Mark’s Girlfriend. Her personality is likewise easy going, although she can be indecisive at times. Mark sometimes gets frustrated with Kim’s indecisiveness.
  5. Damian and David (Late teens, early 20’s) – Damian and David are both skaters. They like going big or going home. Good friends and joke around all the time.
  6. Hank (40—50’s) HANK is a family businessman out of town on a trip. He is calm, logical and plans ahead as much as he can.
  7. Mike and Heidi (60’s) – Mike and Heidi are a husband and wife team that own a restaurant together. At every glance, you can see them smitten and appreciative of one another. They are a huge team and that is what gives them their success at their restaurant.
  8. Uber Driver (30-50’s) – The über driver is happy go lucky, calm and collected.
Details for this project:
This project will be happening within the next 30 days. We forecast having a 1 day shoot, 2 days max. This will be contingent on the availability of all cast members.
Each actor will be at 2 spots except for Heidi and Mike. The location will most likely be in the east bay, Alameda.
The roles are unpaid, however there will be a selection of shots from the shoot for the cast to choose for their reels.
The script is fairly simple, a small selection of speaking lines for each member.
We encourage all to apply. While you may apply for any role, please understand that there may be a different role that we feel you are best suited for. We appreciate that you keep an open mindset for that possibility.
All genders and ethnicities are welcome to apply.
Once chosen, the cast members will be required to sign a NDA agreement before details will be discussed about the script and following filming days.
Thank you to all that apply and we appreciate you all! 

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