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‎Mike Macdonald

multiple roles

Something Productions is seeking actors for a short film. Non paid. 1 day of filming out of louisville Kentucky. Id like to film this one before November.

This group of addicts is like no other group. Their addictions costs lives. Welcome to SKA, serial killer anonymous where killers have a safe place to vent.

Inside the circle of light is a safe haven but once you leave, death may come lookkng.

The story takes place in a dark warehouse where one by one our killers show up for the weekly meeting and talk about the challenges of being a serial killer. Each individual is unique in their ways of dealing out death. The script has 9 killers. This story does not have a peaceful ending as

Ryan. (Role filled) the founder of the group. Passionate about his victims. 9 kills

Ezekel – high level thug. Drug dealer. 12 kills

Vanessa – black widower. Millionaire who has gone through 3 husband’s and working on the 4th. 3 kills

Rachel – black widower. She doesn’t really like men and has very little respect for anyone in the group. 7 kills

Mat – fast and loose kind of a killer. Not a bright guy at all. Funny. 20 something kills

Steve – gun for hire. 87 kills

Dale – dressed like a clown. Heavy set drinker. Smokes a cigar. Lives in a state of anger. Over 100 kills.

Edward – (my favorite killer. ) with over 17 multiple personalities. All killers, Edward is the ambassador to his little group. Skinny geeky looking. This actor needs to have wide range of crazy.

Allen. – the new guy. 19 years old and already up to 7 kills.

Please message me if you are interested and I can send the script.

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