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William. 25 to 40. Down to earth, smart, cool, good guy. Average

SOMETHING PRODUCTIONS is seeking Male actor for the lead role in a mini series

Non paid
Filming in Louisville.
To begin filming May 17th

Character: William. 25 to 40. Down to earth, smart, cool, good guy. Average.

Directors notes: I’ll need to see fear. William comes face to face with his own demise many times. Shock and confusion follow William for the first 3 episodes and determination to darkness through the remainder of the series.

We have 4 episodes written

The idea is to keep each episode under 5 minutes long. I’d like to film 6 to 8 episodes in the next couple of months in between production of our other short films we have scheduled. I’m thinking each time we meet, we should film between 2 to 4 hours

The story will follow two strangers caught inside a time loop, it’s kind of like groundhogs day thing but the catch is, time only starts over with a death. one of the strangers who has been trapped in this time loop for a very long time is constantly hunting the other one and he doesnt care who dies along the way.

I want to fill this role before Friday if I can.

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