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tomas - CallBoard

Spanish Speaking Readers needed for our next Play Reading Series show: Tomas and the Library Lady!
Tomas, the son of migrant farm workers, meets a librarian who introduces him to the wonderful world of books. The stories enrich the lives of Tomas’ family and instill a love of reading. The is is the inspiring true story of Tomas Rivera, who grew up in a migrant worker family, befriended a librarian in Iowa, and learned to love books and the places they took him. Tomas went on to have a successful career iin academia and became the chancellor of the University of California, Riverside.

The reading of this play will take place on Monday, September 28 from 7:00 to approx. 9:00 with a post reading discussion-on Zoom. There are no rehearsals for this reading since it is not a performance but rather a reading to enhance curriculum at UVU, but scripts will be emailed out ahead of time and we ask that you read through it once or twice to familiarize yourself with the show should you be asked to read. Questions?

Actor #1 Florenco (Tomas’s father) and Papa Grande (grandfather); Male, Spanish speakers
Actor #2 Josefa (Tomas’s mother) and Enrique (brother); Female, Spanish speakers
Actor #3 Young Tomas and Adult Tomas; Male, Spanish speakers
Actor #4 Nightmare teacher and library lady; Female, English speaker
Actor #5 Reads stage directions and non-spoken parts

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