Matteo Belletta

Males 30-40

Hi everyone.
I’m looking for an actor, between 30 and 40 years old, male, to play one scene (2 pages long) for spec work.
The scope of the project is to raise money to make the actual movie so unfortunately there’s not pay at this time. The only thing I can offer is the scene for your reel. Apologies for that, I wish I could pay you and everybody else.
The shoot will be only 1 evening in an penthouse apartment on the 61st floor in NY.
The movie it’s a Dark drama called Mr. Davis. The scene is fairly simple but interesting to play.
I know it’s unfair to ask for your reel and sample of your work if the production doesn’t pay, but unfortunately without a reel or a few scenes we can’t guarantee anything, so please send me any type of work you have, if you can.
This will be shot on RED DRAGON 6K so at least you know it’ll look good, lol.
Once again, apologies for the unpaid offer, please let me know if you have any questions at all.
Thank you all.

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