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Aaron Lamar

seeking 4 female actresses

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J2 Envisions invites you to audition for the Stage Play, Ice Cream, Chocolate & Love Letters. We are seeking 4 female actresses
Synopsis: Ice Cream, Chocolate, and Love Letters, is a story of five friends, all on different paths in their lives. Filled with exciting drama, humor, and personal struggles, this tale will have you laughing, crying, and analyzing your own life.
16-24yrs (or older)
Height: 5’5-5’10/ average to slim build.
Best friend to all, assertive, determined, nurturing, outspoken, honest to a fault, but caring, and choosy with words, very elusive with internal issues, tries to avoid mentioning conflict in order to remain strong and self-reliant reputation
Tangie: 16-24yrs (or older)
Height: 5’5-5’10/ average to slim build�Soft-spoken but sassy, kind and gracious, helpful Can be quite submissive and yearning for boyfriend, Travis, However, once backed into a wall or feeling disrespected, suddenly/impulsively guarded on the defense. (has a habit of smoking an imaginary cigarette, when tough situations arise) God-fearing until disrespected or hurt.
Kayla: 16-24yrs (or older) (SMALL ROLE)�Height: 5’5-5’10/ average to slim build�Jamal’s Love Interest. Soft spoken, timid, shy, frustrated with current relationship, appreciative of Jamal’s interest & attention
Funeral Attendee: (16-24yrs (or older) (SMALL ROLE)�Height: 5’5-6’0/ Slim Build to Stout build�Colorful, aggressive, loud, boisterous, and dramatic, completely saddened & disgruntled by friend’s passing
Click the link below to register for Saturday, September 4th, 2021

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