• Film
  • New England
  • February 28, 2022

Justin Corey

Males and Females 18+

We are casting for several roles in a Star Wars fan film that we will be filming throughout New England December through March.
Here is the story:
After the events of “Rise of Skywalker,” several factions are vying for power throughout the galaxy. Small bands of Jedi who have been in hiding for decades have emerged. A new force, risen from the fallen Empire has been building and now is taking control in the outer rim. Another force is becoming a much more real threat as well. All of these groups are coming together for one final confrontation.
We need:
Jedi Knights
Jedi trainees
Omarion Thanes (young trainees looking to take over)
Imperator forces – similar to the empire
Bounty Hunters
Lunch provided at the end of the shoot.
Film will go to festivals.
All actors will receive copy, credit and imdb credit.
I am still setting up the schedule, but there will be several days of shooting in Hartford, New Haven, Providence, Newport, Boston, Springfield, Nashua, Brattleboro and Portland.
There will be filming happening every weekend until March. We will need actors for only 1-2 days each.

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