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Eva Rivera-Ferrell

a lesbian couple who are about to adopt their first child

SYNOPSIS (Chapter 4 – Grumpy Bear)
This is a story about Chloe and Liz, a lesbian couple who are about to adopt their first child. However as the time gets closer for the new member of their family to arrive, Liz, a powerful business woman, begins to have second thoughts amidst fears of a life turned upside down. Liz must work through the escape box of her mind and overcome her fears if she wants her marriage to survive.
1. LIZ Female, late 30’s, Caucasian – Liz is a powerful business woman, breaking the glass ceiling in her industry amongst powerful men. With her faux hawk in full effect, she has a feminine-masculinity and exudes confidence. She loves her wife deeply, adores her friends, but has doubt and fears when it comes to the unknown. She has a cut and dry nature, which is softened by her wife. ***NOTE: Requires nudity – intimate scene with CHOLE*** [LEAD]
3. EDUARDO Male, 20’s, Hispanic – Eduardo is Liz and Chloe’s flamboyant friend; loud and tells it like he sees it.
***I have not made all notifications for actors that have been cast. I will do that today***

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