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Dean Dusharme

Males 17-75

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I’m casting a student short drama/comedy/adventure for the advanced film class at Hofstra University. Shoots Nov. 19-21 in Westbury, Long Island. No pay, but we’ll provide meals, transport and a finished copy of the film. I need to fill the parts of Kevin and Patrick (males, about 17-22, no specifc ethnicity) and Earl (male, about 55-75, no specific ethnicity). I’m mostly looking for an Earl.
Earl – Male, 55-75 (Lead Role)
One of the head honchos at the golf course, Earl is a volatile supervisor over Patrick and Kevin. He hates everyone and everything (except his sweet golf cart that he named Bonnie). There isn’t a day that goes by where Earl isn’t out to get somebody. He normally looks like a disheveled, unkempt and all around mess of guy. Yelling and cursing with the fluency of a pro rapper is one of his skills. Pastimes include snacking and sleeping on the job. Earl is just one hell of a lazy, bitter, ill-tempered grouch who’s past his prime. Despite all of his drawbacks, he can be an amusing fellow to screw with (without him knowing who did it, of course). He can also be very random and bi-polar, along with the ever-present possibility of slipping into a weirdly insane mental state. He’s not to be trifled with or even looked at the wrong way.
Kevin – Male, 17-22 (Lead Role)
An employee at a golf course along with his friend Patrick, Kevin is a shy and awkward friend. He likes to dress neatly and acts just the same. He’s kind of a square. Before doing something bold, he’ll often hesitate. Kevin is an over-thinker too. When things get stressful or intense, he has a tendency to get a bit cowardly. His friend Patrick helps him to loosen up and face his fears. Kevin’s job at the course is mainly as a greenskeeper, and he’s a stickler for details.
Patrick – Male, 17-22 (Lead Role)
An employee at a golf course along with his friend Kevin, Patrick is an outgoing and relaxed friend. He wears comfortable clothes and doesn’t care too much about his appearance. He’s always ready to go and behaves impulsively. When things get stressful or intense, Patrick is good at standing his ground. He usually tries to get Kevin to come join his shenanigans. His job involves some golf cart driving too, and he’s pretty handy at it.

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