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Dylan Moon

Females 18+

Hello, I made a post yesterday looking for 2 actresses to play the roles of Leslie and Brooklyn who are time traveling lesbians. I just now realized that I had a typo in my email I have gone back and fixed this. I also greatly apologize for this.
If this is your first time hearing of this project below I will copy and paste the original post.
Hello, I am a UW-Milwaukee film student looking for 2 female actresses to star in my Experimental Narrative Class Final short film. This is a PAID role.
The short film is a light romance story about two time traveling lesbian best friends. When one day they accidentally meet again in the present day, and realize that they have caught feelings for each other.
The two roles are Leslie and Brooklyn.
(Lead) Leslie is traveling forwards in time from the 1990s to present day. She is quiet and reserved in her mannerisms but once you know her she is very personable, which is the case with her best friend Brooklyn. Leslie is a realist. She also hates her name.
(Lead) Brooklyn has been in the present day for a while now and is used to present day society and culture. Brooklyn is more upfront and honest, she isn’t afraid to say what is what. However this sometimes gets taken as her being rude which does give Brooklyn some difficulty getting to know people. She is best friends with Leslie, also she is aware of internet culture. Brooklyn is a dreamer.
For this film project there will be NO sexual or explicit content in the project.
For the ages of the two roles, I am open to any age provided the two actresses look similar in age.
I plan on Filming Nov 18th, 19th, 22nd – 25th, Filming times either between 8am – 10:30am/12am (depends on the exact day), or from 4pm/6pm – 8pm (depends on exact day).

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