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  • New Bedford, Ma
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Ashley Lynn Mayer

Males 18-25

Casting Call
Student Film in New Bedford.
it’s a volunteer piece however I will be setting up crafty.
The shoot starts the week of the 12th (I’ll have more details on that to come). This piece will be used for a film project for the school.
I have two roles open
Main Role: Asian Male (am willing to make changes so as not to limit) (18-25), quiet, reserved, LGBT (Musically incline *Not a must*)
Second role: Male (18-25) fun-loving concern/devious, LGBT friendly.
Longline: When a 17-year-old boy is finally sick of the abuse and calls upon a demon to take care of his issue.
Shooting Details:
Production will take place next month (during the week *Details are still a little fuzzy but will be updated as soon as they are solidified*) at Umass Dartmouth
This is not a paid gig, food will be provided
Thank you so much

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