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Erin Roberts

Males and Females 20-60's

Minneapolis College student films are casting NOW!
Filming FEB/MARCH, Small Stipend, Copy, and Covid Protocol Observed!
“Spirits” Synopsis
A web series pilot where a 24 year old alcoholic in denial, Corin, turns 25 after being kicked out of her apartment by her lover and questioned by her best friend. She finds comfort in a not so corporeal, not so estranged, stranger she meets at her regular bar. Shenanigans ensue.
Character Description:
Corin– 24-25, (female), main character. She is stubborn, insecure, angry, and, all around, kind of a mess.
Carolyn– 24-25, (female), secondary character. She is confident, boisterous, and quite blunt. She has a knack for creating emotional turmoil for Corin.
Charlie– 50-60s, (any gender), supporting role. The wise bartender that knows all about Corin’s life. Sweet, sincere, and quite nostalgic.
Scooter– 20’s, (non binary) supporting role. Corin’s best friend. They are a really chilled out, go with the flow kind of person, but are incredibly smart and self-aware.
Jamie– Late 20s, (non binary) supporting role. Corin’s Ex. They are kind of untight with a savior complex. They are very responsible and organized, but that disguises a lot of their own worries of being a bad person.

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