Nuala Sanchez

Males and Females 55-60

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Nonunion, Unpaid, actors provided meals and transportation within tristate area
director: Larry Yu
Logline: Amidst news of her ailing grandmother, Julia helps her parents close their family restaurant and reckons with their sudden return to China.
Location: NYC
Jack: Supporting, Male, Late 50s, Chinese
A traditional and hardworking man who has made a life for his family in America and manages the dumpling shop, but yearns for the stability and comfort of his old life in China. His stoic and attentive energy allows him to understand his family on a deeper level.
Must be fluent in Mandarin.
Anne: Supporting, Female, Late 50s, Chinese
A hardworking and fast-paced woman who leads the dumpling shop kitchen and has perfected it. She finds herself butting heads with her daughter over small things frequently, but deep down she only wants to provide the best life for Julia and to protect her from the same struggles she has experienced.
Must be fluent in Mandarin.

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