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Production title: Attachment Issues
Director: Ashton Foley
Production Type: Student Production I
Project length: 5 min.
Shooting Location: Nashville, Tn
Shoot Dates: February 11th-13th, 2022
Attachment Issues is about a teenage girl, Phoebe, who for a while has been picking up her alcoholic friend, Raven, from parties. Phoebe has had enough and finally speaks up.
PHOEBE: Female, 18 – 22 (any ethnicity)
Phoebe is a loyal friend. She will stop at nothing to make others, specifically her friend Raven, feel cared for in hopes that she will feel loved in return. Phoebe is quite the pushover. She’s kind hearted, bright and reliable.
RAVEN: Female, 18 – 22 (any ethnicity)
Contrary to Phoebe, Raven is an exploiter. She uses Phoebe to pick her up from parties and gives nothing back in return. She is lazy and her appearance reflects that. Raven is a selfish, manipulative, and flaky alcoholic.
Extra Information:
This is an unpaid job. You will receive credit in the film, a copy and a delicious meal each day of shooting.

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