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David Pierson

Males 30-40's

Non-union casting call – Student short film.
Casting Call: Insomniac Located in the Greater Portland Area This short film is being shot and edited by students attending USM, so this would be a non-paid role.
Description Insomniac is a short film that follows Dave Burrows, his producer Steve, and a mysterious caller. Dave Burrows hosts a late night radio show for the lonely, the sleepless, and the criminally insane. One night he answers a call from a mysterious caller that confuses him and shakes him to his core as the caller states Dave helped him commit a homicide.
Characters Roles Dave Burrows: Host of Insomniac. In his 40s, roughly 5’10, has a huskier figure than others. Dave tends to be more of a laid back person but loves to show interest in the callers who call him. He is a people person and enjoys helping people if they need it.
Steve: Insomniacs’ producer. In his early 30s, around 6 feet tall and has a fit and lean figure. Being the producer, he is in charge of keeping the show running. He tends to be more quiet and reserved around people he does not know. He also tends to become scared or skittish around forms of aggression or if someone acts like a creep.
Mysterious Caller: The mysterious caller is a complete unknown. All that is known about him is that he has trouble sleeping and that he has psychological problems. He also likes to talk in a creepy, monotone, and condescending manner.

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