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Jan R. Smith

Males and Females 18+

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Hello All-
In search of a Male and a Female Actor/Actress. Filming 2 minute film no later than 11.21.2021 in Kenosha, Wi.
I have a daughter who attends UW-Parkside. She has an assignment where she creates a 2 minute film (Screenplay, Story board, Direct, Edit, etc.).
She needs a 2 actors (male and female)
This is a Romantic Tragedy: Dating couple having a lovely meal. Idle chit-chat about upbringing (parents etc). The woman is adopted and has been raised by two mothers. The man has issues with this. Drama ensues.
Anna, a neurodiverse gal and somewhat shy (Hence me posting this), has to have this video taped by the end of day Sunday, 11.21.2021 to allow her enough time to get it edited and turned in.
She would be DELIGHTED, if she would be able to acquire these actors to assist her with the project/assignment.

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