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Zach Bohlman

Males 18-45

One actor needed for an independent short film (~5 mins) being created for a graduate class. This is being done with no budget but you will be able to use it on your acting resume. Meals will be provided on production day.
Project: “Defunded”
Genre: Thriller
Synopsis: Over the course of three days a man’s seemingly mundane repetitive life hits a series of financial obstacles until he decides to rob a bank. He’s cornered by the police in a warehouse but rather than send in SWAT officers they send in a social worker who is able to resolve the situation peacefully.
PETER: Main character. Male, any ethnicity, age – 18-45. There is no dialogue in this short film so what is the most important is being able to display a wide range of emotions most notably: anger, sadness, depression, hopelessness. The talent most able to convincingly display these emotions will be selected. Smoking is in the final scene so smokers are preferred but we can try to work around it if not.
DENISE: Social worker, already filled
PRODUCTION: Tentatively targeting around July 17th, going to try to get it done in one day, some day scenes and night scenes but we’ll be as efficient with our time as possible.
As this is for a graduate level class I need someone who can 100% commit to the project. If you can’t do that please don’t apply. I can’t be left high and dry on production day with a no-show or last minute cancellation.
 Those selected for consideration will be sent a brief portion of the script to act out, record, and return for review where your ability to display the intense emotions needed for this film can be evaluated.
Meals will be provided along with a copy of the completed project and credit.
**There will be close quarters interaction of crew and talent so I request only COVID vaccinated individuals to apply)

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