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The Theatre of Ecstasy

Males and Females 18+

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The Theatre of Ecstasy is looking to form a troupe of actors for a surreal play, to be filmed in increments as a cinematic theatrical production. The work has been described as “counterculture”, “shocking”, “epic” and verrrrrry mystical. Integrates Ancient Greek text with modern magical realism. Seeking dedicated, devoted, and diverse actors for the following roles. THIS IS A PASSION PROJECT. Volunteer basis for the love of creating radical art and dreamscape worlds.
3 SUCCUBI / PRIESTESSES — female identifying, age can be anywhere 18-80. Mystical attendants of the Maiden of the Apocalypse, they travel with her through time as she delivers her prophecies. Must be comfortable with lesbian themes.
BARD / PRINCE OF TROY — brother of the protagonist. A royal prince who will risk anything for his sister Seer, and undergoes the trauma of many eras, including exile and persecution. Deeply sensitive and aware, he is the only one who really believes his sister’s prophetic ravings in a world that socially asphyxiates and criminalizes the Muse. Becomes mute and must express through miming.
SATAN / THE LOST BROTHER — lover to the Maiden. An ancient King of Atlantis, who decides to drop his former role of Satan and become a farmer and gambler. He has been in an age old conflict with God the Father, yet is the one who usually has more compassion and insight. He used to be the Wonder Child and wishes he could get his magic back. Struggles with his feelings and with cosmic dilemmas.
GOD / THE SCIENTIST — patriarchal toxic masculine. One betrothed for the Maiden, he violated her sanctity and became blinded by lust for power. He thinks he’s always the one in control. In fact, even after he retires from being God he then turns to building a particle collider and trying to control life at a subatomic level, that is, until he eats one of the Maiden’s prophetic eggs. The actor must be able to portray the insanity of wanting control.
TRAUMATICA — female identifying dark villainess, the shadow self of the protagonist. Ancient Greek queen, she comes back again to haunt the Maiden and sate her thirst for revenge.
JESTER — androgynous female who is a lesbian lover to a Fool. Expresses through gesture. Must enjoy dancing and movement.
The work will be filmed at my home in Cambridge, VT in segments, multiple three week periods over a year or so. First three week period is Aug 28–Sept 17. Airbnb apartment accommodations provided here in Jeffersonville/Cambridge. Carpool from Airbnb to my home for shooting. Food and Travel costs are your own responsibility. Full credit given to all actors. Non-Union/Volunteer/Unpaid. It is my hopes that it will be eventually screened online beginning with Patreon and then live screenings at some festivals or venues that are open to funky indie work.

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