Jordan Beltz

Males and Females 18+

Everyone’s searching for a thing called love. The truth is, everyone loves differently. There are always “Sides” when it comes to dating perspectives. Follow Harper, Zach, Tori, and Marco as they stumble through this Romantic Comedy “Swipe Right” about online dating and the shenanigans people get into.
New Girl meets How I Met Your Mother. We are passionate to show viewers that finding love is something that exists for everyone.
Talent would be needed 2 days maximum, in the late September/ October range.
We are currently looking for the following roles:
GREG- Mama’s Boy but your mom would totally set you up with him. (Male identifying)
BRETT- A hopeless romantic that our lead Marco has gone on a date with before, it didn’t go well because Brett is well…. *Too* romantic and borderline obsessed with him. (Male identifying)
SOBER GUY- We meet this bachelor in a date with one of our main men, who is proudly sharing his knowledge of cocktails. This bachelor however, is sober, which makes it very awkward for our principal actor as he tries to backtrack. (Male identifying)
RUDE GUY- We meet a man who leaves a bad taste in our mouth as he invades one of our main characters personal space at the bar. He thinks it’s easy to get laid. (What’s a story without an antagonist right?) (Male identifying)
MODEL- A forward model who doesn’t have a grip on social cues or personal space and blunders in during a potential dating match, killing the vibe. Bummer. (Female identifying)
TAROT GIRL- An alluring, yet very intense Tarot reader who gives a reading during a date to a man who may not even know that he is a Pisces. Poor thing. (Female identifying)
WAITRESS/WAITER- A Waitress at our favorite hometown bar who has seen some SH*T, but secretly, we all know she lives for the tea. (Any)
HUNTER- That one dude on your dating profile that LOVES hunting. Maybe more than the prospect of dating. (Male identifying)
OLD MAN- A bitter old man who sells flowers but tells you love stinks. (Male identifying)
UBER DRIVER- The Uber driver that is a hero with a chariot and a premium music streaming service to take the gals home. (Any)
MARRIAGE COUPLE, AWKWARD DATE, CANOODLERS- Three couples in a scene: one of the three having a dramatic exciting marriage proposal, another couple trying to figure out how to get out of their date, and the third couple canoodling in a booth.
***You do not have to submit as a pair for the couples, you can submit for couple and we can pair you if you fit the role. ***

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