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Rich Orman

20s or older.

I am looking for help with a table read for a short film being produced in the fall.
I am a student at the Colorado Film School. I will be directing/producing a short film for the 16mm class in the fall (as an aside, my plan at this point is to shoot this on actual film).
The film is a comedy with the longline: A trip to the dentist goes horribly wrong.
I would like to do a virtual table read of the script (about 8 pages) over Zoom with actual actors to finalize my script and see if it works as well as I think it does. If any participants like the script, we can talk about casting, but I am not officially casting this yet. Because this is set in an office environment, all of the roles are for actors in their 20s or older.
The roles are:
Ray/Rey: The protagonist who goes to the dentist and gets 4 shots of novocaine, and thus can’t speak intelligibly.
Lilly/Larry: Ray’s boss.
Employee 1 and Employee 2: Participants in the staff meeting at the office.
Paramedic 1 and Paramedic 2
Marion/Morty: Antagonist. Office busybody.
The Dentist.
Please DM me if you are interested in helping out on this project.
Thank you.

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