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Ben Lively

multiple roles ages 1-100

Production Type: UT Undergraduate Thesis Film
Title: “Tacoville: Love Starts Here (REVISED)”
Director: Benjamin Lively
Producer: Max Westmark
Logline: A meta-comedy about censorship, branded content, and tacos.
Shooting Location: In and near Austin, TX (mostly UT Campus, St. Edward’s, and Downtown)
Project Type: Short Film, Non-Union
Compensation: Unpaid- Copy of the finished film, Screen Credit, and Meals will be provided.
Production Dates: April 3rd, 2020 – April 6th, 2020. No night shoots.
Character Descriptions (There are a lot)
Ruben (M, 25-35, Open Ethnicity)
An independent director who just got his first gig in the commercial world. He wants to tell a story that matters in the form of a branded content ad for TacoVille, but his dreams are quickly crushed by the executives there. He has to decide if it’s better to stick to his creative vision, or give in to his need for money.
Danny (M, 17-25, Open Ethnicity)
An incoming freshman at a new university and he’s nervous for many reasons: his introverted personality, his reluctance to trust other people, and the fact that he’s been hiding his sexuality from his parents for the past 18 years.
Austin (M, 18-28, Open Ethnicity)
A total hunk and the leader of the university’s intramural frisbee team. When Danny joins the team looking for friends, Austin becomes close with him. He’s a reliable, confident, and thoughtful guy.
Bernard (M, 35-85, Open Ethnicity)
One of the lead executives at TacoVille Corporate. He’s confrontational, but in a very gentle way: think Sy Ableman from A Serious Man. He spearheads the effort to convince Ruben to change his commercial.
Todd (M, 40-85, Caucasian)
A semi-PC executive who just did one short session in diversity training and consequently feels equipped to handle all of the nuances of identity politics.
Alice (F, 35-85, Open Ethnicity)
An executive at TacoVille who leads the marketing team. She is quite confrontational and doesn’t mince words when correcting someone else.
Gina (F, 40-60, Open Ethnicity)
Gina is Danny’s mom, who cares deeply about him, and has no idea that he’s gay. She also enjoys spending time with her family and beating up on Torrance when he’s been bad.
Torrance (M, 40-60, Open Ethnicity)
Torrance is Danny’s father who likes to joke and have fun. He’s always got a smile on his face, and a one-liner ready to go.
Mr. TacoVille (M, 40+, Open Ethnicity)
The CEO of TacoVille. He is quite a jokester, and unafraid to say what’s on his mind.
Brittany (F, 17-25, Open Ethnicity)
One of the captains of the frisbee team at her university. She inadvertently becomes mixed in with Danny and Austin’s relationship, and her role becomes very central to the purpose of the film in the end.
Julia (F, 18-25, Open Ethnicity, Day Player)
A teammate on the university’s intramural frisbee team. She’s good friends with Danny and Austin, and loves to play “never have I ever.”
Tom (M, 17-25, Open Ethnicity, Day Player)
A big fan of frisbee and the game “never have I ever.” What he doesn’t appreciate is people who don’t play by the rules. Tom is involved in one of the more genuine moments of the film.
Professor Smith (35+, Open Ethnicity, Day Player)
A studious professor who knows a lot about … a subject. (S)he’s always got a joke ready for the class (s)he teaches.
Frisbee Team/Partygoers (Background/Extras 17-25)
The intramural frisbee team plays frisbee together and has fun at parties.
Restaurant extras 0-100
People whose whole lives have led up to the moment where they can eat some delicious TacoVille go-loco taco bowls.
This is a great opportunity to get involved on an undergraduate thesis set!
Please reach out to us by email with a headshot, your availability, a link to a video reel (if you have one) and which role(s) you’re interested in! Please also let us know if you’re interested in being a background actor.
Once we receive the information we will contact you about next steps.

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