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The Barn Theatre

Males and Females 18+

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The Barn Theatre in Montville, NJ is excited to invite you to auditions for American Son by Christopher Demos-Brown.
Show Description: An estranged bi-racial couple must confront their feelings about race and bias after their son is detained by the local police following a traffic stop incident. Their disparate histories and backgrounds inform their assumptions as they try to find out what happened to their son.
Character Descriptions
Kendra Ellis-Connor: African American, female, forties to early fifties. A professor of psychology and the mother of a teenage son. Recently separated from her husband. Emotionally raw but trying to keep it together behind her professional façade. Exceptionally intelligent and self-possessed.
Scott Connor: White, male, late forties to fifties. Kendra’s estranged husband. An FBI agent of predominantly Irish ancestry. Take pride in his family’s long traditions of military service. Though rigid in his views he has a warm, sensitive side and is deeply loving and devoted father.
Officer Paul Larkin: White, male, mid-twenties to thirty. An intelligent, congenial young police officer with bold career ambitions who lacks actual life experience.
Lieutenant John Stokes: African American, male, fifty to mid-sixties. A tough, no-nonsense career police officer who is used to having people listen when he talks. He has paid his dues. He knows the rules and has no hesitation enforcing them.
Directors Scott Baird and Fallon King are looking for a diverse and talented group of actors who are committed to the message and heart of this piece of theater.

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