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  • Arkansas
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Johnnie Brannon

Females 20-75

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THE BOOK CLUB: Lucy is invited to join a book club. But when Lucy’s husband David shows up, things take a dark turn. Turns out there’s a lot we don’t know about Lucy’s new friends.
ESME, a tall, pretty woman in her mid-30s, is tastefully dressed, smartly casual in a midi dress and boots. She is neatly coiffed, polite, bookish, ethereal, composed.
DEMETRIA, a younger woman in her early 20s, is the “baby” of the group. Slightly scruffy in overalls, a well-loved t-shirt and Chucks, bearing tattoos on one of her arms, Demi is sweet, earnest, innocent but whip-smart, slightly awkward, and kind.
EVE, mid-to-late 40s, is streetwise, savvy, possessed of a quick wit and an unfailing loyalty to her friends. She wears minimal jewelry, minimal makeup save for a bold red lip, and one gets the impression that she owns very little that isn’t black.
KATYA, also in her 30s-early 40s, is the quintessential homeroom mom. She never misses an appointment, actually bakes instead of buying cookies for the school bake sale, and has a spreadsheet for everything.
IRIS is kind, wise, never met a stranger but can size anyone up in seconds flat. In her mid-to-late 60s, Iris is aging and loving it, fully embracing her status as elder stateswoman of the group.
LUCY, late 20s-early 30s, soft-spoken, understated, unfailingly polite but carrying a dark secret.

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