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AUDITIONS: Saturday July 31st 10am – 12pm by appointment.
Callbacks will be held a following weeknight in the evening by invitation.
Auditions Form and Booking times are available HERE:
Auditions will be held at the Parker Theatre Studio located at 3601 S. State Street, SLC, UT 84115
The Canterville Ghost Character Descriptions
Sir Simon de Canterville – 20s to 50s. The Canterville Ghost. 16th century English aristocrat who enjoys haunting the manor at Canterville Chase. Dialect: British Received Pronunciation.
Hiram B. Otis – 40s. Wealthy American who purchases Canterville Chase for his family. He is a pragmatic, no-nonsense character, but also a bit oblivious. He makes no attempt to discipline his children for unruly behavior. American accent.
Virginia Otis – 16-20. Daughter to Hiram and Lucretia, she is one of the few characters to show sympathy to the ghost. American accent.
Robert – 20s. The Duke of Cheshire, a wealthy young English aristocrat who falls in love with Virginia. British accent.
Lucretia Otis – 30-40s. Married to Hiram and mother to Virginia, Washington, and Jefferson. Very caring and supportive of the family. American accent.
Washington & Jefferson – Pre-teen. Twin sons ( can be girls or one boy and one girl ) to Hiram and Lucretia. They spend most of their time tormenting the ghost, and they do not seem to be afraid of him at all. American accents.
Lord Canterville – 40-50s. English aristocrat and the descendant of Sir Simon. He sells his ancestral family home to the Otis family. British accent. (Doubles as Gypsy.)
Mrs. Umney – 30s. Housekeeper at Canterville Chase. She is familiar with Sir Simon’s antics, and she tries to help the Otis family settle into their new home. Cockney accent. (Doubles as Duchess de Canterville.)
Bexley – 20-30s. House servant at Canterville Chase. Eager to please and easily frightened by the ghost. Cockney accent. (Doubles as Reverend Dampier.)

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