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  • Suffolk, Va
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Noel Lewis

Males 16-70

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My name is Noel Lewis, writer and director of a play called “The Eight”. It’s a play that unpacks the story of Noah and his family surviving the great flood as described in the book of Genesis in the Bible.
My play is going to be performed at Westminster Refirmed Presbyterian Church in Suffolk, Virginia this winter, sometime after Christmas. Rehearsals will begin this fall. The pictures below are of my character, Lucifer, to give readers an idea of what my vision is. I’m looking for the following:
Noah- a male actor 35-70 years of age of great emotional depth.
Naamah- an actress of fire and passion of similar age
Shem-male actor 16-30 years old. Passionate.
Japheth- male actor 16-30 years old. Steady.
Ham- male actor 16-30 years old. Dark, angry, aggressive.

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