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Annalee Autumn Jones


Casting the role of “Fae” in “The Glamour,” a short film.
(I’m cast in this and they had someone drop out so I’m trying to help them get someone else. It shoots either this Saturday 5/28/22 or Sunday 5/29/22 in Menifee, about an hour outside LA. Union or non union ok.  It’s SAG Micro Budget, no pay, I don’t know if they’re paying for gas.)
Fae is a mysterious woman who visits Oliver, giving him clues to unlock a mystery. She is beautiful yet ancient and seems to just float through the air. She is kind yet ruthless and considered to be forest folk by the local folklore that dates back to the town’s inception.
Synopsis: Oliver is friends with Severin who went missing in his home town after his brother had also vanished 10 years prior. As he begins to question the town, strange things begin to happen all around him to where the town folklore seems more and more like a possibility. Followed by a murderous hillbilly and a mysterious woman that visits him at night under a canopy of trees, Oliver struggles with his own personal tragedy and guilt until he and the towns secrets collide in a violent crescendo.

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