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Males and Females 18+

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The Life Mosaic, Inc. is thrilled to announce upcoming auditions for our next presentation of 2022…
by Peter Sinn Nachtreib
REHEARSALS: (via Zoom)
*to begin on or around March 22, 2022*
Tuesdays and Thursdays (6:00pm – 9:00pm)
Sundays (1:00pm – 3:00pm)
BOB will be recorded & streamed for online viewing May 13th & 14th.
BOB: A LIFE IN FIVE ACTS is something of a modern day folk tale. Packing equal parts hilarity and heart, it breathes new life into the old adage: “When the legend becomes fact, write the legend.” Our story opens with Bob, an everyman & our hero, being born in, of all places, a White Castle bathroom, & being raised by the sweet-hearted employee who finds him. Throughout the course of his travels across America, Bob tries to uphold the belief that he is predestined to be “a great man who will do great things” . . . but, how much truth is really inside a fortune cookie, anyway? What unravels over the next hours is the story of a life consisting of moments: inspiring generosity, crushing hardships, blissful happiness, stunning coincidences, wrong turns, lucky breaks, true love & heartbreaking loss — however real or imaginary — that all add up to an incredible catharsis. The play is a comedic exploration of American mythology & values, the treacherous pursuit of happiness, & discovering what it means to be truly “great.” BOB is intended to be performed by an ensemble of five performers: One male to play the titular role, and a quartet of four (2 males, 2 females), who play the cast of characters he encounters along the way.

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