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Michael Reid

multiple roles

Looking for Adult Caucasian Male (Father)
25-50 years of age
5’11” or taller
Looking for a Little Mighty Mike (Son)
7-13 years of age
Ideally a little chubby
Looking for a Little girl to say one (Classic) line
5-8 years of age
(Mommy That man is FAT!)
Looking for Little Girl’s Mother to play her role as mom
any age
(Loading groceries on Cart while Daughter sees a Fat Mighty Mike)
The Live Mighty Show is a motivational channel aimed at encouraging people to Live a Better, more fruitful life by overcoming the challenge of losing weight.
First Run is going to be a trailer (Blow up the audience/shock and ahh with mounds of emotion and inspiration)
Short Scene one: Son playing video games and father is on his way to the store, Son asks for a king-size chocolate bar and gets no resistance from Dad.
– More Details to come…
? Live Mighty Show ?

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