Natica Brown

Males and Females 15-34

Movie: The Old House
Belmont University Production
Shoot Dates: October 1st, 2nd, 3rd
Call backs by : September 23rd
Cast reading by following week
Compensation: Reel Content, Craft Services / Meals
Synopsis: Jane never one to back down from a challenge, accepts a challenge from her rival Dylan to explore an abandoned house. With her brother Timothy dragged along to help, they search the house for a souvenir to complete the dare, but find they may not be alone in the house.
Jane: (16-24, female) A strong-willed young woman in high school, 17, that never knows when to back down. She’ll do anything to prove herself and doesn’t respond well to taunts.
Timothy: (15-23, male) A timid young man in high school, 16, that is coerced by his older sister into a dare. He is often reluctant to speak up, especially to Jane. He’s typically more sensible out of the two.
Dylan: (16-23, male) A brash young man, 17, and rival of his classmate Jane. He loves to set up situations to one-up or scare others.
Masked Man: (16-23) The masked person that appears and terrifies Jane and Timothy. (Anyone who auditions for Dylan since he’s a supporting character can double as masked man.)

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