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SOMETHING PRODUCTIONS is seeking talented actors for our next short film.
(Check out our group page of you want to know more about us.)

Project: The road long.
Non paid.
Shoot location: charlestown state park area.
Shoot dates: 1 -2 day shoot
Meals provided on days of shoot.

At this time we are asking for only Video auditions
Please message me or send email:

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions.

Miracle- age. 30 – 60. A bitter, survivor and our lead for this end times story. He has a lot of bottled anger. Smoker and drinker.

Rachel – 25 to 40, separated from her husband, she is determined to find him even against all odds.

Tilly – 7 to 13. Wise beyond her years. Patient and filled with a beaten love. Shes been forced to grow up in a world where people die every day. She is tuff as well innocent. Fueled by the light of God

Synopsis: Rachel and Tilly are living in the end times after a deadly virus has killed 95 percent of the world’s population. People are forced to live in the woods to avoid the infectious germs that surround the cities. Separated from her husband, Rachel needs to travel through the back trails to Echo city to find him.

Miracle is a drifter/scavenger who takes on the responsibility of guiding Rachel and Tilly to Echo city. For the cost of a amulet around Rachel’s neck that has the ability to repel the virus.

How Actors Apply:

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