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Due to the recent world health events and our anticipation of a large number of people attending our kids auditions for “The Sound of Music” this coming Monday 3/16, we“The Sound of Music”  will be switching to a video submission formatformat. Info of the video submission is as follows:

All submissions must be in by 2:00pm on Monday 3/16. Please include the following information: Full Name, Age, Height, Contact Info

Important Information about the rehearsal schedule and run:

There will be two separate casts of children (with the exception of Leisl who has been precast). We do 6 shows/week, Wednesday through Sunday with two shows on Sunday. Each cast will do three shows/week. Each cast will do one of the Sunday performances. A schedule will be made with exact performance dates for each cast.

Rehearsals will begin Tuesday, May 5, 2020 after school and all day on Saturday,

Tech week is the week of June 1st and will be Tuesday through Friday with both day and night rehearsal. Several days will be 12:00pm-12:00am with a two hour dinner break from 5:00-7:00pm.

During the run each cast will have ample time off. As previously stated, each cast will only be performing 3 shows a week. Additionally, there will be one full week, per cast, scheduled for family vacation. Each team will cover for the other during their perspective week off. Due to the large number of kids in the show we will not be able to accommodate conflicts.

After all video submissions have been seen by the production staff, we will schedule an in-person callback audition. We thank you and your children for your interest in our production and appreciate their passion for live theatre. If not called back, please, encourage them to audition in the future.

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