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Roland Khorshidianzadeh

Males and Females 18-40's

CASTING CALL for “The Spirit’s Dark Shadow” (Non-Union/Non-Paid)
This film is set in 1927 and takes place in a Haunted Mansion.
Filming for “The Spirit’s Dark Shadow” will take place mainly in Brockton, MA, 30 minutes South of Boston.
ALLEGRA THORNTON (Female, 20s or 30s) – Wilfred’s wife: head-strong and proper. She met an unfortunate end in 1920, seven years before most of the film takes place, and becomes The Spirit in “The Spirit’s Dark Shadow”. As a spirit, Allegra can go from warm to intimidating on a whim and always appears mysterious.
DOLLY (Female, 30s or early-40s) – A jazz singer and actress, Dolly performs solo acts as a musician but also knows a group of part-time actors, part-time singers, full-time artists. Dolly is a little bit older than the rest of her friends.
WEDDING and/or FUNERAL ATTENDIES (Male and Female, Any Age) – Family and friends present at Allegra’s wedding in 1914 and funeral in 1920.
TENANTS (Male and Female, Any Age) – Working class people who rent apartments in Wilfred’s mansion; they are completely oblivious to the Speakeasy in the basement.
SPEAKEASY WAIT STAFF (Male and Female, Any Working Age) – People who can serve the tables in the Speakeasy or help Mathis out with whatever job he has for them to do. You never know what might come up with someone as strange as Mathis.

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