Stewart Solomon

multiple roles

Film Casting From Client RAFFI RUSSO:
Alexandra Bello Productions, LLC.
Director: Raffi Russo & Alexandra Bello.
Genre: Drama.
Duration: 30-40 min.
Location: South Florida Tri-County area.
Pay: To be determined.
Copy, credit and meals.
No expenses reimbursed.
The True Colors of Life is a Drama about second chances where a young man, who gets unjustly shot when attempting to rob a convenience store. After asking for forgiveness triggers a series of events, impacting the lives of many people in the hood who
needed a guidance to a straight path.
Jeremy Jackson: Age (21-25) Lead character, African American,
Body Shape: slender Height: (5’10”-6′).
Ely: Age (45) Lead actor, European, Caucasian, Latino.
Body Shape: Fit Height: (6′).
Kain: Age (12-14) African American. Drug runner. Co-Star.
Body Shape: Slender Height: (5’10”-6′).
Jennifer: Age (25-35) Caucasian. Slender. Co-Star
Body Shape: Slender Height: (5’4”-5’8”).
Young Jennifer: Age (6-10) Caucasian. Slender. Blonde and innocent.
Baby “Tony”: Age (30-45) Caucasian.
Body Shape: Fit. Height: (5’8”-6′). Pimp and drug dealer.
Captain Clark: Age (40-55) Captain at the Police Station. Caucasian, European.
Body Shape: Fit. Height: (5’10”-6′).
Detective White: Age (40-55) Detective. African American.
Body Shape: Fit. Height: (5’10”-6’2”).
Police Officer Francisco Lopez: Age (25-30) Hispanic Police Officer. Body Shape: Fit. Height: (5’7”-6′).
Wanda Jackson: Age (35-50) Mother of Jeremy. African American
Minister Henry Jackson: Age (40-55) Father Jeremy. African American.
Teen Jeremy Jackson: Age (16-18) African American.
Body Shape: Slender. Height: (5’10”-6′).
Young Jeremy Jackson: Age (10-12) African American.
Bianca Jackson: Age (8-10) Sister of Jeremy. African American.
Tinisha, Kain’s mother: Age (30-40) African American.
Christina: Age (25-35) Hispanic, Latina.
Marlene: Age (55-75) Older lady, African American.
Bodyguards (2): (30-40) Caucasian. European. African American. Tough guys.
Colleague: Age (40-45) Caucasian, European, African American.
Worker 1 and 2: Age (30-50) Caucasian, Hispanic.
General Contractor: Age (45-50) Caucasian, European.
Contracting Manager: Age (40-45) Caucasian, European, Hispanic, African American.
Cashier: Age (30-40) Asian, Indian, Latino.
Drug dealers (2): Age (16 years old)
Shooters (2): Age (20-30) African American, Latinos, Caucasian,
Please send one Headshot and the name of the character for whom you would like to audition to:

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