Aeon Century Company Film Productions

Males and Females 35-45

The true story of the greatest Christian Empress of the Ancient Roman World. Being produced by Aeon Century Company Incorporated, created by Dr. Larry E. Johnson. 10 years of research, 170+ scenes based on original primary and ancient sources.
We are casting for this epic, panoramic once in a lifetime original film project; an Aeon Century Company Flagship debut feature film.
Open roles:
Emperor Justinian
Lead Supporing, Male
Camera age: 35-40
Height: 5’9 – 6’0
The wise and shrewd, last Latin-speaking Emperor of the Roman Empire. Husband of Theodora The Great, this new emperor gambles all to restore the Western provinces to the Roman Empire with his talented and unique Empress Wife Theodora.
Lead Supporting role, Female
Camera age: 35 -45
No taller than 5’8
Slender physique
Dark hair and eyes p referred by not required.
“The Roman eagle rises once more to reclaim its own; history will be made and nations transformed!” — Theodora The Great.

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