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Leah Porrata

male-presenting actors, 13-18 years old

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CFCArts is searching for three or more additional male-presenting actors to fill lead and supporting roles in Meet Me in St. Louis by September 27!
ALL male-presenting actors, 13-18 years old (must not have graduated from high school yet) are invited to apply for the following Troupe (lead and supporting) roles! Acting and vocal skills are required; dance skills are a plus!
– John Truitt – handsome, athletic boy next door, about nineteen; triple threat; baritone; male presenting
– Lon Smith – good-looking, nineteen-year-old Princeton freshman; moderate dancer or good mover; tenor; male presenting
– Warren Sheffield – Rose’s suitor, an eligible young man from a rich family; moderate dancer or good mover; baritone; male presenting
– Featured Dancers – May also have speaking lines!
Please fill out the Audition Form:
Then submit the following to :
– The two short contrasting monologues below (no need to memorize)
– At least 30 seconds (16-32 bars) of a musical theatre song sung to an accompaniment track (no a cappella or singing along with other voices, please)
– The dance routine linked here to the best of your ability (can dance along with the video) https://drive.google.com/…/1YtYTrnve418k…/view
– A headshot (or recent picture)
– A theatrical resume (optional but encouraged)
Videos may be sent via email attachment, Google Drive, Dropbox, any other file sharing program, or texted to 614-271-5324.
Required monologues:
“Esther, I’m afraid I’m bringing you bad news. It’s awful… I can’t take you to the dance tonight. My tuxedo… it’s at the tailor’s. It’s locked up. Basketball practice ran late. And when I got to the store, there was a sign in the window: CLOSED. I can’t find the tailor to make him open up shop; all I know is his name is Jones and he lives somewhere in St. Louis. And I can’t borrow someone else’s, because everyone who owns a tuxedo is going to the ball. I’m sorry. This is a fine going-away present I’m giving you. I bet you must really hate me. Would you like to go somewhere else tonight?”
“Esther, don’t cry! I never would have asked you if I’d thought it would make you unhappy. At least you didn’t laugh. I’ve never asked a girl to marry me before. I probably didn’t say it right. But will you, Esther? Will you marry me? Do you realize I might have lost you? Two more days and you would’ve been gone. We might never have seen each other again. Now when you go to New York, it will be with your husband, and your folks can show us the town! Let’s go in and tell them!”

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