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Katelin Stack

Males and Females 7-50

Through Eyes of Grace announces the following roles open for auditions, please read in entirety:
Sheriff Ellis Kirkbride – male, any ethnicity, 35-50. A small town sheriff who’s never dealt with anything other than a kitten stuck in a tree. He’s very lax in his job and with his department, largely in part because he’s never dealt with anything more than a kitten stuck in a tree. When his best friend’s daughter goes missing, he has to actually become a cop and do the hard things. Ellis is flirtatious, witty and charming…and eventually finds his footing as a cop, but only after he learns a few lessons the hard way. Lead role, paid. Shoots March 19, April 22-24, May 14-15, June 11-July 2. LOCAL HIRE PREFERRED, however open to actors from the Midwest, if within driving distance.
Wesley Demko – male, Caucasian, 35-45. A wannabe author and deadbeat husband to Brooke. He clearly doesn’t want to be in his marriage anymore, but why? Is it because he doesn’t love his wife? Is it because she doesn’t support his dreams of writing? Or is it because of that giant secret he’s been hiding from the whole town. Wesley is quiet, reserved, and struggles with depression. His only solace is in his novel. Lead role, paid. Shoots March 22, April 22-24, June 15-28. LOCAL HIRE PREFERRED, however open to actors from Midwest, if within driving distance.
Deputy David Penny – male, any ethnicity, age open. Deputy Penny takes his job less seriously than the Sheriff does. He’s a larger-than-life personality that is every stereotypical mall cop, right down to the donuts. Looking for actors with comedic timing. Penny is jovial, naive, and doesn’t think much of Grace’s disappearance until it becomes a town-wide search. Then he’s hit with reality. Minor supporting role, paid. Shoots March 19, May 14-15, June 11-13, June 16-19, June 23, June 28-July 1. LOCAL HIRE ONLY
Young Gracie Adams – female, Caucasian, 7-10 years old, brown hair, brown eyes: must resemble actress playing Gracie Adams (age 17, see attached photo). Young Gracie appears to her father in hallucinations as the little girl he remembers her as, and can’t get past. She looks like a sweet and innocent little girl, but speaks of the guilt, anger and remorse her father is bottling up inside. Minor supporting role, unpaid. Shoots May 13-515, June 22, June 25. Role will require FX makeup on head and face, please note any skin allergies. LOCAL HIRE ONLY
Submissions will be open from February 4th until February 9th. If selected to audition, you will be notified by end of day 2-9. Video submissions are due NO LATER THAN February 12th. Callbacks, if deemed necessary, will be held February 15-18. Final casting notices will be sent out no later than February 21st. All roles filming in the Sheboygan, WI area. If you cannot make all filming dates, please do not apply. We look forward to your submissions. Thanks!

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