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Kyla Eve Atkin

multiple roles

LOCATION: St.George Utah
This is for a Tiktok fan series I am doing based off of a character named Ruby Lane; she is a character that I did not create. Ruby Lane is a character written by R.L Stine in his Fear Street books and the Netflix Trilogy.
Age range: 17-18 (actor must look around that age, but must be +18)
Personality: Sweet, flirty, funny (Ruby’s boyfriend, must feel comfortable with on camera kiss)
Age range: 17-18 (actor must look around that age, must be +18)
Charlie Goode-
Age range: 18-21
*This is an actual character, but he was unnamed*
Look description: white, black hair, black mustache, glasses, with a black frame
To apply: Please comment/DM a photo/headshot
If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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