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Ej Bethke

Age: (looks) 22-29 Gender: female

Getting back in the directors chair (hopefully) this summer when everything cools down, So I’m casting forthe main role! Details below. Basically we are wanting everything planned and ready to go for when our location opens.

Title: Speak of the Devil
Film type: Short film (15-20 min)
Genre: Drama (Dialogue driven)
Production start: TBD
Compensation: non-paid and non-union
Location: Waterford/Pontiac area. 1 set
Movie Synopsis: What happens when A bartender serves last call to Satan himself?

Role: Main character
Name: “Bartender”
Age: (looks) 22-29
Gender: female
Character info: Simply named “Bartender”, this rough around the edges with a tough upbringing young woman brings that attitude to her job as a bartender for not what you’d call a classy establishment. Faced verbal abuse for her father as a child, and although she does her best to be better than him, she finds herself making the same if not worse mistakes. All leading her encounter with the devil and what that intense conversation shows her will change everything about how she views herself.

Note: this film has a lot of dialogue, especially from this character so keep that in mind.

Send all inquiries either by email below or by tagging those you think might be interested!!

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