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GREAT COMEDY! MOONLIGHT and MAGNOLIAS, by Ron Hutchinson. Directed by John Atkin.
AUDITIONS: Sunday, MARCH 27 (best date to come as we get the stage that night) and Monday, MARCH 28 at 7pm.
David O. Selznick – (M 30’s-50’s) Large man with a large personality. Controlling, enthusiastic film producer obsessing over his biggest project, Gone with the Wind.
Ben Hecht – (M 30’s–60’s) Wise-cracking screenwriter, probably smaller than Selznick and Fleming. Dry wit, Midwestern, militant for Jewish causes. Brought in by Selznick to overhaul the screenplay for Gone with the Wind.
Victor Fleming – (M 30’s -60’s) Tall, handsome, and robust, known as a “man’s director.” Pulled off The Wizard of Oz at MGM to direct Gone with the Wind for Selznick.
Miss Poppenghul – (F 20s-60s) Selznick’s efficient and loyal secretary, probably the element that keeps her boss from breaking down. She has learned to hear his incessant questions not as condescension but as the paranoia that they reflect.

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