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families in and around Atlanta for a SAG TV commercial

Atlanta Commercial Casting Call

We are looking for families in and around Atlanta for a SAG TV commercial. Real families who has been quarantining together in one house. Mom, dad, high school graduate (board has him as a son), siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents. ***There must be a minimum of ONE teenager 17-19 yrs old AND one parent in the family.

The family must be comfortable with a crew of 9 people inside their home with an additional 12+ outside(ALL CREW will be wearing gloves and masks and have their temp taken prior to the shoot). Talent must be comfortable using their house for a location of the shoot(location fee will be provided). To submit, send a picture or your family that is quarantined and a short blurb including kids ages, and what part of town you are in.

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