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Anna Mzs

18 but if you’re in you early 20s or look young

Hey Actors! I’m working on an independent film and we need to cast two young males to be musicians in a punk band. The characters are 18 but if you’re in you early 20s or look young in general we still want to hear from you! Points for looking a little “grunge” (unkempt hair and a collection of band shirts…that kind of thing)
The commitment is super light! Just need you for 1-2 hours in Little Village on September 11. This is a non speaking role so you jus have to take some direction and dress the part. Also, you don’t *actually* need to play the instruments.
Project Overview: When a storm lands his estranged brother in town, an aging theater professor begins to hallucinate scenes from Shakespeare’s The Tempest, awakening ghosts of the past and rippling dangerously into the real world.
If interested, please dm me with a photo of yourself.
To be transparent, this is unpaid but a very light commitment.
Thank you 🙏🏼

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