Hunter Farris

We need actors and actresses

WORKING TITLE: “Cursed Camera”
Found footage horror short about a film crew who discover their camera is cursed, all told through the lens of that camera.
We need actors and actresses to play these roles:
Amanda: Female. 20s-30s. A main character who is only heard offscreen. A grip on the movie-within-the-movie.
Sam: Any gender. 20s-30s. An aspiring actor/actress. A PA on the movie-within-the-movie.
Haskell: Any gender. 20s-30s. Main character, mostly heard offscreen. Traumatized by the horror. Boom op on the movie-within-the-movie.
Eli: Male. 20s-30s. Loves film history, and wants to contribute to film history by making one of the great classics of horror. Director on the movie within-the-movie.
RC: Any gender. 20s-30s. Kinda grumpy. Kind of a gearhead. Just wants better equipment. Cinematographer on the movie-within-the-movie.
Will: 20s-30s. Lead actor on the movie-within-the-movie.
Olivia: 20s-30s. Just a bit of a diva. Lead actress on the movie-within-the-movie.
Saul: Male. 20s-40s. Completely mortified by guilt. Director on a different movie-within-the-movie.
Demon: Male. Voice only.
Filming will take place on Saturday, September 19th, and one other day of filming (probably Saturday, September 26th) in West Valley City, Utah.
If you’re interested, please e-mail with the name of the character headshot, resume, and example of your acting. If you don’t have one of those, that’s just fine. Just mention in the e-mail that you don’t have it.

How Actors Apply:

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