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Alec Bullock

multiple roles

ello! My name is Alec Bullock and I am a local Indie Film Writer and Director. I’m 17 years old and have been making films for about 7 years now. My goal with filmmaking is to create something that people haven’t seen before. I want to take people out of their comfort zone, and leave them with a message that they can carry into their every day lives.
My upcoming film The Lost Rose centers around “Nathan”, a teenage boy who is forced to move to a new city because his father receives a new job opportunity. Desperate to make new friends, Nathan becomes close with kids who are not going down a good path. Nathan starts using drugs and eventually becomes addicted to Heroin and Cocaine. He starts losing his friends and track of who he is. This is a story that shows the struggle of addiction and how that affects everyone around the user as well.
  • Danny: Nathan’s “bad influence” friend who is pretty chill and funny, but also likes things done a certain way. He’s kind of like your typical “cool guy”. (AGE: 14-17)
  • Nathans Father: His father is a very sensitive man who cares a lot about his son, Nathan. However, he has his own issues (grieving the loss of his wife, and dealing with his sons addiction). He is a very important part of this film, as he reflects Nathans positive side in many ways. (AGE: 30-Late 50’s)
  • Jake: One of Nathan’s best friends from before he moved away. He is funny, nice, and pretty much your stereotypical teenage boy. He cares a lot about Nathan. (AGE: 14-17)
  • David: Another one of Nathan’s best friends from before he moved away. He is a pretty humorous and laid back guy who is always there for a sarcastic remark of some sorts. (AGE: 14-17)
  • Nathans Mother: Nathan’s mother is seen in 2 flashbacks in the film before she passes away. She struggles with alcohol addiction and she loves her son more than anything. (AGE: 30-Late 40s)
  • Young Nathan: We see Young Nathan in 2 flashback scenes. He has no lines but is seen playing with alphabet blocks in a few scenes. No crazy amount of directions. (Age: 4-7)
  • Mr. Jones: This is the schools counselor who helps Nathan with his problems in a few scenes. He is very kind and supportive. (AGE: 35-45)
  • Dr. Keaton: This is Nathan’s therapist, who is seen in one scene allowing Nathan to open up about his struggle with addiction and emotions. (AGE: 30-40)
  • Police Man: Pulls over Nathan one night and is respectful but serious about his job. (AGE: 30-50)
  • Random Kid #1: Seen being mean to Nathan in class and is rude to him. (AGE: 14-17)
  • Random Kid #2: Seen being mean to Nathan in class and is rude to him. (AGE: 14-17)
  • HOW TO AUDITION: Due to Coronavirus, we can only do video auditions as of right now. We also do not have set shoot dates yet due to uncertainty on when we will be back to our normal every day lives. Stay tuned.
    • When you send me an email, notify me of any further questions and which role you are interested in auditioning for. I will send you instructions on material I would like to see, along with further instructions through a personal email. Hope to hear from you all soon! Stay safe everyone.

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